Easy, Boozy, K-Pod Cocktails

Product Overview

On a mission to make room for more mindful moments, at Cask & Kettle we’ve leveraged the convenience of a k-pod to create cocktails that are easy to prepare, share, and shop for without sacrificing craft or complexity. We wanted to create a drinking experience for our customers that delivers that “treat yourself” vibe for them wherever they are, whether that’s in the kitchen after the kids are in bed, camping in the Catskills, or catching up on the back porch with family or best buds. After all, decaf means any time is the right time for a coffee cocktail.

Our current line offers five brews to choose from ranging from iconic after dinner drinks like - Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, and Michigan Spiked Cider to our in-house mixology team’s unique take on wind-down libations- Mint Patty Coffee and Hot Blonde Coffee. You’ll find us mixing drinks at the innovative intersection of coffee, cocktails, & convenience.

Company Overview

When we took a look around the kitchen at the tools that have really transformed our daily routines, that easy cup of the day from the Keurig™ stared right back at us and we thought- could we use the same machine to create a nightcap at the push of a button and buy back a few more minutes to enjoy it in the process?

So born from this spirit of imagination, a deep appreciation for those evening wind-down hours, and from an incredibly long-winded team meeting that could have been an email, the founders of Cask & Kettle (then colleagues at an innovation lab) stared longingly at their shared office Keurig™ to figure out how to turn it into a bartender - and the first K-Pod cocktails were born.

Apres Beverages, LLC has partnered with Temperance Distilling, located in Temperance Michigan, to help us craft and blend the perfect hot cocktails for drinking age adults to enjoy in their home or where ever a home brewing system is present.

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Product Sheets

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