Frequently Asked Questions

We don't want anything to stand between you and an easy, boozy, cocktail. If you still have questions after reading through our FAQs drop us a line at

What's the alcohol content of the Cask & Kettle hot cocktails?

When brewed in your single serve brewing machine, the Cask & Kettle™ alcohol content for the final product is approximately:

Cask & Kettle™ Spiked Dry Cider


  • 6 OZ = 4.6%
  • 8 OZ = 3.6%
  • 10 OZ = 3.0%

Cask & Kettle™ Irish Coffee


  • 6 OZ = 7.0%
  • 8 OZ = 5.5%
  • 10 OZ = 4.5%

Cask & Kettle™ Hot Blonde Coffee


  • 6 OZ = 6.8%
  • 8 OZ = 5.4%
  • 10 OZ = 4.4%

Cask & Kettle™ Mexican Coffee


  • 6 OZ = 5.5%
  • 8 OZ = 4.3%
  • 10 OZ = 3.6%

For more information, see the package.

How many Cocktail Pods are in a carton?

There are five Cocktail Pods in every carton.

Do I need a brewing machine to make a C&K hot cocktail?

No, you don’t need a brewing machine! Each Cocktail Pod contains liquid spirits and cocktail mix so you can just add 6oz of water to the pod and stir gently.

Is your product gluten free?

Cask & Kettle™ Cocktails do not contain any ingredients that contain gluten.

How many cocktails can I drink at one time or in one day?

Cask & Kettle™ is an alcoholic beverage. Blood Alcohol levels have many factors. We ask that you enjoy Cask & Kettle™ hot cocktails responsibly. As always, don’t drink and drive.

Are Cask & Kettle drinks safe for pregnant women?

The Federal Government recommends no or limited consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. See government warning on product package.

Are Cask & Kettle drinks okay for children to consume?

No. Cask & Kettle™ hot cocktails should be responsibly enjoyed by adults that are at or above the legal drinking age for alcoholic beverages.

How many calories are in a cocktail?

Each Cask & Kettle™ hot cocktail contains about 130 calories per cup.

Do the Cask & Kettle™ cocktails contain caffeine?

No. All of our cocktails are made with slow-roasted decaf coffee.

Can I add creamer to my coffee cocktails?

Yes please! If you like cream in your coffee please free to dress up our cocktails and prepare them just like you take your coffee.

Do the cocktails contain any known allergens?

No. Cask & Kettle™ hot cocktails do not contain any of the major eight allergens – egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts or wheat.

Are Cask & Kettle pods recyclable?

Yes! Every pod we produce is made with 100% recyclable material. ♻️  Just remove the top label and recycle the pod. Check with your local recycling program for details.